Kaden "Kaideane" Feldmesser

Information Architect, Programmer, Sysadmin, Gamer and Father of two.
With programming origins on the Commodore & Atari from a very young age, I was destined for a life of technological creativity!

I'm a lover of all progressive computer technologies and huge supporter of Open Source technologies, without which the Internet and the world would not be what it is today.

Keep up all the amazing work people, you've just got to love the unprecedented level of planetary collaboration!
Video games, who doesn't love them? ^^

I've been a passionate gamer from my early years, scaring myself silly with 8-bit graphics on my dads Commodore64 and progressing with the advancements of technology to classics like Doom, and Age of Empires on his 486.

I more commonly play modern classics like the world of Warcraft, Titanfall, Overwatch, Skyrim and others (when time permits of course!), and very much looking forward to the world of VR.

Avid Overwatch Player

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